Denis is originally from Russia and came to USA to chase the American dream. 

With 5 years of handyman and 10 years of construction experience he has managed to start his own business, here in San Francisco and the entire Bay Area.  


Why Valentina’s you ask? 

Our business was named after Denis’s wonderful grandmother who passed away in 2014. All the love and care that came from Denis’s grandmother is being transformed to Valentina’s handyman services. 


At Valenitna’s we believe in relationships first. Every old and new customer is our friend and a neighbor. We are a local couple-run business that treats its customers and employees as family. 

We guarantee the best results, as we strive to bring the most value to people that are close to us. 


With 4 years of renovation and handyman business experience, we can provide you with the high quality, durable results over the long term. Thus, we offer 1 year warranty for the most of our services. 

Our prices for our services can afford us high quality results through continuous training and education for our employees. We value honesty and fair compensation for our workers and for the business as a whole, as we strive to be the best service provider of our neighborhood.

Win Win

We look at every project through the eyes of our customers. When we make an estimate, we think about what could be the best option for our clients from financial and practical perspective. Remember, we always put you first.

Valentina's Renovation Services

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415 - 237 - 1077